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A General Idea About Adsence

Adsense is a Google service, in short its goal is that you have a serious site you subscribe to, and then give you a JavaScript code you place on your site to start ads appear in it, and you profit from each visitor comes to your site and click on the advertisement.



Google Adsense uses Javascript technology. As a result, ads are not displayed when Javascript is disabled on the user’s browser. In addition, there are also systems that block advertisements, such as browser extensions or specific software. It is prohibited by law, but the proportion of clicks on advertisements by robots is important. Indeed, there are software to download to automate the clicks. This threatens advertising whose payment depends on the number of clicks.


How does Adsense work?

AdSense is one of Google’s most widely used services. The service offers its users a set of advertising banners (mostly in the form of clickable text) to place on its website. The highlight of this service is that you do not bother to know which ads will show up on your site. Indeed, it is Google and its robots that analyze your website as soon as you place an AdSense advertisement on it. Once analyzed, AdSense will automatically offer your visitors contextual ads to your content. That is to say that Google will identify the theme (s) you are addressing on your website and distribute ads directly related to these topics.


A concrete example

You talk about mechanics and parts on your blog. You place AdSense ads on it. Within a few hours (time to analyze) you will see sponsored links to mechanical shops, cars, etc.
What’s different with AdWords?
Can I earn money with AdSense?
Some practical information about AdSense

  • Even with a French account or whatever account you are paid in dollars (which is not always good news when you follow the dollar against the euro or against another currency).
  • Payments are triggered once your account reaches $ 100.
  • You do not choose the advertisements that will appear on your website but you can moderate them “a posteriori” that is to say once you have seen them on your site, you can ask that the advertisements Of that advertiser will no longer appear in your home.
  • AdSense also seamlessly advertises CPM-paid ads (paid for 1,000 views), but it’s rarer.
  • AdSense offers many different formats and allows the editor to customize the colors of the ads.
  • Google also offers other services through AdSense such as searching for monetized content on your Website, or advertising for mobile content pages.
  • Google very closely monitors fraudulent clicks. It is really not advisable to try to click on your own advertisements (even once) at the risk of having your account closed and your winnings lost.
  • Not all blog platforms allow AdSense ads to run. Make sure you have the ability to add (access to source code) or authorization if your website or blog is part of a hosted platform.


How do I get started on Google AdSense?

The other advantage of AdSense is to own a lot of advertisers on the other side who use this service. The result is that you have on your website many different advertisements but all related to the theme of your site and therefore likely to interest your visitors.

Whenever a visitor clicks on one of these sponsored links, you will earn a few pennies or even a few dollars! It all depends on the advertisement and, more exactly, the theme of your website. Indeed, if you earn a little money with each click, you must have an advertiser on the other side who pays this click (less obviously Google’s commission). That’s where AdWords comes in.

Very often, beginners have trouble seeing the difference between AdSense and AdWords. It’s actually very simple. AdSense allows website publishers to advertise on its site, as we have just said. AdWords, on the other hand, allows advertisers to purchase sponsored links on websites. Without going into details, AdWords is actually a marketplace running by auction between advertisers. If, for example, two advertisers wish to advertise on the keyword “flower”, they will bid on a price per click for each ad. That’s why when you’re going to run their ads on your blog for example, the amounts of earnings you can make vary according to the topics to be addressed. The more advertisers that bid on AdWords and the more you get paid if someone clicks on one of the links on your site (and Google is paid more :)). For example, a theme like finance is very popular. Advertisers do not hesitate to invest a few euros per click on certain keywords. The websites display their ads via AdSense, so it costs a few euros for each click!

AdSense has become one of the major references to solutions for making money online. It is not by chance! Many websites base their monetization strategy only on AdSense ads. The answer is therefore clearly positive: yes you can earn (a lot) money with the Google service. The real question is how to get there. The subject is vast and I will come back to it in an upcoming article but I can already tell you that there are many parameters that come into play such as the position of the ads, their personalization, the theme of your Website, the type of visitors that You have, etc. We will talk about it again.

I did not want to finish this AdSense presentation without going through some practical details:

Now that you know a little more about the AdSense platform, how about signing up? To do this, simply visit the Google AdSense site and create an account.

Google allows you to create an account as an individual or as a business. Just fill in a few simple elements, make it clear that you will not click on your own advertisements and you’re done! Google encourages you to use a Google Account you may already have as for Gmail. Once registered, Google will review your registration and validate it (normally) in one or two days.


At the right time I will help you to start your first project step by step.